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Direct to Garment Printing. Service all your client requests.


Short Run screen printing is expensive right? When the design complexity goes up, the setup charges rocket and it all becomes uneconomical real fast. We have the solution. Our Direct to Garment printer can produce all of your short run printing needs - fast. No screens to make, no inks to mix just a quick proof to make sure its what they want and we are printing. The process is ink on the shirt so it has the same soft hand as screenprinting and it wears very well.

10 Completely different shirts? Personalised shirts - no problem. As its a digital process, we can make each shirt unique, all without the setups. Need it tomorrow? No problem. Does your client need 2 shirts now, and 10 later and a few weeks on another 3? No problem. You will only pay the initial setup charge - no repeat setups.

There are some limitations. As this is cutting edge emerging technology, ink prices prohibit this process from being effective on runs longer than 60 units, but that is where screen printing comes into its own anyway. Our printer does not print white, so it only works on light neutral colours of shirts like white, greymarl etc.

Direct to Garment printing. Welcome to the future today.