Member of APPA - Australasian Promotional Products Association

Embroidery. Tradition meets technology.


This is where we started and as the name suggests this is still the backbone of our company. Our embroidery machines run 16 hours a day to ensure that your job gets out on time.

Our digitizing department is where our quality story starts. If the embroidery program is not right, the 999 that you are going to produce has no hope of being right either. We will sew you out a sample and either send it or email it to you so you can see exactly what it will look like.

Our machines are industry leading Barudans and in our experience these machines produce the best embroidery. Crisp small lettering, sharp outlines and each embroidery will look like the same. Even our sample machine is the same ensuring that what we sample, we can reproduce over the course of the run.

Most of our staff have been with us since we started and this shows in the consistency of the product that they produce. They are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure your job is as good as it can be.