If your garments need that extra something to feel complete, then we can help. Deco press clothing emblems provide an increased sense of detail and quality to every item. Here at Embroidery Works, we apply our emblems to the highest standards, ensuring durability and unmatched looks.

There are a variety of applications for these high-quality clothing emblems. Applied to a jacket, a deco press emblem can enhance a classic look, or on a hat can be shown off front and centre. Hoodies and sweatshirt designs can be complemented with tasteful application of an emblem to the shoulder, or a bag can be enhanced with a featured patch. Whatever style of clothing you have, we will use our 20-years of expertise to make sure you are happy with the results.

We offer a broad range of designs and finishes. Try the printed style with crisp lines and vivid colours, or alternatively get an etched emblem with dynamic texture and depth. We are sure there will be an emblem to suit your needs.

Explore a selection of our favourite designs below. For quality clothing emblems, contact us today at or by phone at 09 361 1159  

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With 20 years of embroidery experience, our expert team is the go-to source for clothing emblems. Don’t leave the finishing details of your garments to chance; hire the team with the expertise needed to apply your Deco Press Patches perfectly. We pride ourselves on having short turnaround times without sacrificing anything when it comes to quality.

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