We have developed our own computer system which runs our company. As it is a custom built application it perfectly
fits the requirements of our company and the branding process. One of the most innovative features is our client
portal, that allows you to log on and see what is happening, real time. Here are the key benefits.


The system is built around the schedule, which runs real-time. As your jobs are started and finished, the system
automatically updates times of the remaining jobs on the machine. If a machine is running late there is total


We keep your complete job history once your job is complete online forever. This means that you can find out what
you need to when you need to. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our production people are working to a schedule so they know what the next job is. Often production people can be
overloaded once this happens it’s often the person who shouts loudest gets their job first. We avoid this by having all
of the information at their fingertips.


When we receive your goods, we will produce a delivery report and email it to you so you know exactly what has arrived and from whom.

This means that we can sort any stock issues out up front, rather than
calling you when we are unpacking the job to run on the machine.

All deliveries are then stored with a label and a shelf location so it can be painlessly retrieved when needed.


For all departments our art is handled in house as we believe this is where your quality print or embroidery starts. Our team is very experienced and has been trained to inform you of the best way to brand your item. 

We we will organise a proof for you to send to your client for approval. This takes all of the guesswork out of the process and reduces errors. Once approved, this proof will stay available on the website along with PMS colours, sizing, positioning forever.

This makes repeats a breeze.


Once the art has been approved or in the case of a repeat job once received, the production team will take over.

Your job will be scheduled to the relevant machines, and you will have visibility of its progress on our online dashboard.


Once your Job is finished, packed and ready to go we can send it via a variety of couriers anywhere in the country, pretending to be you. We have to send it somewhere, and it makes no sense sending the job back to you and have your people dispatch it.

We will email you the invoice, complete with courier track and trace details so you don’t have to go looking for them when your client asks. 

The job is closed off in our system, and you can search for it at anytime and re-order easily.