Embroidery Works is Auckland’s home of Supacolour transfers.

Supacolour is an innovative new way of producing digital transfers. Using the latest advanced technology, Supacolour is produced with a hybrid of water-based and digital inks to create high-quality transfers.

Colours so rich and sharp, Supacolour enables you to let your creative side off the leash and not be
constrained by colour counts and screen setup charges. Supacolour can be applied to a range of products, apparel, and fabrics, making it a great option for brand promotion. The pricing model is deliberately simple so
you can price with confidence.

Supacolour NZ makes branding easy every day. At Embroidery Works, we offer Supacolour tees, hoodies, facemasks, bags and more. Browse our full range of transfers below.


Supacolour produces a higher quality finish than traditional digital transfers, which will allow all the fine details of your logo to shine. This professional, premium look will wow your customers and breathe new life into your brand. In addition to incredible colour brightness and pixel-sharp images, Supacolour also offers a smoother hand feel than traditional transfers. Supacolour is famously produced with eco-friendly materials that have been ethically sourced and implemented. By celebrating and promoting sustainability, your Supacolour wearables will leave a positive impact on your brand reputation.

Established as an Embroidery company 20 years ago, we are true experts in the creation of high-quality transfers. Get all the Supacolour transfers you need here at Embroidery Works, at an affordable price. Whether you’re in need of quality promotional clothing or a stylish satchel bag, we’ve got you covered.

Get in touch with our dedicated team today and bring your brand to new heights.